It keeps staring at me, but I had no choice…

Until now that is.
It bugs me that the last post on the blog for 3 days was about music. Don’t get me wrong, because the Gaslight Anthem rocks, but they really have nothing to do with game development.  I am stuck in a hotel while my kitchen is being repaired from a minor disaster, and finding time to code or blog about code, or even read Flashkit has become a rare commodity. Couple that with a day job that is getting so OUT OF HAND with work stream meetings, committees, and TPS reports that there is no time to work with the dev team on even the smallest of projects.  To top it off, I only have my wife’s Mac Book and I have to boot all the way into Boot Camp xp to do any Flash Develop even if I had the time to get to it.

So, I have stolen away a few minutes, in the dark, with my wife and two boys sleeping near by (so I have to be quiet) in an attempt to actually write something about Flash, game development, or what not.

So, I have decided to do a little research and find out what the first site is that pops up when I Google some Flash and game related terms – no rocket science, but an interesting diversion because the TV channels in this hotel are atrocious.

Term – “Flash Game” brings up – This is a pretty decent looking portal that reminds me of Addictinggames (maybe a little too much).

Term – “Flash Game Programming” brings up – This is very cool because Gary has written at least 3 great books and even braved one on AS3 games when no one else even made an attempt. Any budding AS3 game developer should run out and buy his book if you have not already done so.

Term – “Flash Game Development” brings up – That is very very interesting, I would have figured it would be Flashkit. By the way, I am ignoring the paid search links, or would have been the winner.

Term – “Flash Game Design” brings up – Boy do I feel stupid.  I have never even been to this great site. I will have to add it ot my Mash-ups. Oh, by the way, that is the whole reason I started to to this search in the first place – to find new sites for my Flash Game Interweb Mash-up

Now I decided to do the same 4 terms in the Google Blog Search

Term – “Flash Game”. Now, this is a strange one because Google tries to be smart and bring up the “related” blogs first. The top site in “related blogs” is Miniclip, but NOT their blog (if they have one) – odd. The First real blog is a link the The Divine Generals Flash game.

Term – “Flash Game Programming” brings us a blog by Ari braginsky.  The linked blog is about iPhone games, but his blog does have some AS3 game entries, so this one might be one to come back to.

Term – “Flash Game Development” – Hmm, the first “related” link is (cool), but the first real blog link is nothing more than a community posting for a job in Long Beach (close to my house though, hmm),

Term – “Flash Game Design” – Brings me to a and a post about making a drag and drop game in AS3.

So, what did we learn here? Not much. I found a few more sites to check out for my mash-ups, and I kind of learned that Google’s search on certain subjects might be a little off and maybe confusing to newbies on a subject.

Anyway, the Adventure chapter in Racing the Beam is calling, so until next time…

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