Katie’s Heart Catcher Silverlight Launches

Today it my daughter Kaitlyn’s (Katie) 3rd birthday.  In my ongoing quest to make sure to create games that my girls can both play, and (hopefully) will look back fondly on as they grow-up, I decided to create a very easy “game” for Katie.  since Katie is just learning the alphabet, I decided to make a game that would help reinforce all the letters for her. Here is the game I came-up with (in 3 days), Katie’s Heart Catcher :

The game is made to be very easy.  In fact, you cannot lose! All you need to do is catpture one of each letter in your treadure chest.  Each different letter caught will add a new gem to your treasture.  When all 26 gems appear, get prepared for a surprise!
The voices are all from Katie, as is the song on the final screen.  She said  it all in one take and even said the “K for Kaitlyn” unprompted (she is learning the first letters of her name at preschool right now). 

Like I said, this game is part of a series ofgames I am making for my daughters.  If you are interested, you can check out “Daphnie’s Balloon Castle“, a game I made last October for my middle daughter.

Oh, and by the way, just in case you were wondering, this remake of our old game:
Was made for MY (and Jeff’s, we’re twins) birthday.  I suppose birthdays and family are what motivate me these days, since they seem to be the only deadlines I fee lthe need to make!

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