Is There Anything Better Than 800 Found Bytes (4K Spoiler)

When I was starting a new project to take my 4K game and turn it into a 32K monster yesterday, I noticed something odd.  My code would not  compile.  On further inspection, I had forgotten to include a custom class in my new project.  A custom class, that is, that was totally unecessary.  By removing that class reference, I gained by 800 bytes!

Suddenly, my “finished game” was not finished at all, and could be enhanced even further.  Using my new coding mind-set, I was able to gain the folloing with those 800 bytes (with 20 still left over):

  • A new sound.
  • Expanded text instructions 
  • Expanded text messages
  • Glow filters on most text
  • The ability to [Pause] the game 
  • The ability to earn extra lives
  • A new feature: Shooting and the abilty to collect shots.
  • Various game balancing fixes
  • Bonus: I also fixed a major new-found bug and added code to prevent some odd behavior.

If you told me two weeks ago that I could fit all that into 800 bytes as an after thought to an already finished game, I would have directed you towards a decent looney bin. 


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