4K Game Competition Game #2 (game spoiler)

4K Game Competition Game #2 (game spoiler)

I have decided to post my contest entry also. This is NOT the exact same game as I added one line of instruction text and the Mochi Services (which bloated it to 16K). Also, I am having some problems with the Mochi High Score. It seems in inconsistently want to send in the score from the previous game and not the current game. very strange.


Mine-X 4K
is an Asteroids / Geometry Wars variant. I know, not too original, but I attempted to squeeze as much in as possible. The game is built completely in Actionscript with no external assets. It employs a completely blit game screen and pixel perfect collision detection.

Zoom around the 360 degree scrolling play field, Asteroids style, and blast all of the fast moving mines in each sector. Use the radar screen to see the entire sector. You can even use it to blast mines off screen. All of the enemy, missiles and particles are also displayed on the radar. You only get one ship, so be very careful.

Keys: Arrows to move (rotate left and right and thrust with up) and space bar fires.


I used Flash Develop with the Flex SDK in AS3, and incorporated  the “-raw-metadata” compiler option to keep the file size small.

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