4K Game: 96% Useless Fluff

So I just finished added our pre-loader, title screen, mochi ads and mochi leaderboard, and some support code for those those things to my 4K games and it is now 100K!

In reality, 100K is not that much, but think about 100K in terms of a percentage of actual gaming worth, and it’s fairly astonishing.  It means that the final game is 4K of  game code, and 96K of useless non-sense (OK, fairly useful useless non-sense, but as far as the game in concerned, not necessary at all).

Is this what we are experiencing with other games?  Are we paying 100% of our $49.99 for 4% game?  Are we downloading 1MB, 10MB, 100MB 1GB, etc, but only getting 40K, 400K, 4MB, 40MB of game experience?  Are all those titles, sound tracks, credits, options, etc actual worth the bits they take-up, or do we just expect them to exist?  Do we equate “quality” with “polish”?  Should we? 

 I’ve always known that as developers, some of the things that we consider “essential” to our development are the same things that annoy customers, slow-down games, and bloat our final product.  however, I didn’t think it was 96%!

Sure, I could have added many more features to the game, but even at 32K of game code (and a 128K final game) that’s still about 75% fluff.  

I think this means that I need to go back and look at preloaders, logos, title screens, etc and figure out a way to make them as efficient as the code of a 4K game.   Otherwise the final product will always be bloated,  no matter how much time and effort I put into making the core game as efficient as possible.   

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