HeyZap, the YouTube of Flash Games?

So, I was doing a search this morning to find interesting content for you guys on the world of Indie Flash gaming and I came across this relatively new site called  HeyZap.

They seem to be a new distribution channel for Mochi (and other) games in an interface that resembles youtube (I guess).

This is what they say the do:
“Heyzap aggregates and filters their games from major casual games
portals, game developers and Mochi Media. Heyzap also aggregate the
associated meta data and use their algorithm to display the most
popular games.”

They have a “HayZap Player” that web site owners can embed on their sites.  The player embed and setup page gives the option of creating a player for your blog or site that has access to all games and also access to just certain types of games. (see below, I have embedded one with just the Action Games selected).

As a developer, they also have a login system where you can upload your own games. It looks like their goal is to “wigitize” (if you will) Flash games and allow them  to be easily placed in on any site or Blog.

In their Legal Ownership section, they make sure to point out:
Heyzap Materials do not include User Submissions (defined below)
or any other content owned by and submitted by Users to the Heyzap
.” I think this means that (unlike even Mochi) they don’t claim to own or the right to make changes to your games. Read the Mochi terms if you want to see some SCARY-ASS shit. Although I am certain that Mochi will not make derivative works, etc you give them the right by uploading to their service.

The HeyZap Player for Action Games

@import ‘http://www.heyzap.com/elightbox/lightbox.external.css’;

var heyzap_medium = new Heyzap( ‘heyzap_games_medium’, {“embed_key”: “3c008c7f33”} );
heyzap_medium.renderMini( null, ‘medium’ );

heyzap.com – embed games

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