…palindromes… now on FlashGameLicense.com : Update


My newest game, …palindromes… is now up on FlashGameLicense.com …palindromes… is a departure for me as a game designer.  It is a pure word game aimed at an audience who loves words and word game challenges.

In …palindromes… your job is to unscramble a series of words before the time runs out.  “Palindromes” are words that are spelled the same way backwards and forwards.  For some people, they are fascinating, and the fact that the words themselves are interesting, adds a bit to the challenge.

I’ve designed this game to be simple, but pleasing to the eye.  Everything is rendered in a the word friendly courier new font, and all the colors have been muted down to black/white/grey.  The music and sound FX have been designed in similar fashion.

If you have an account at FlashGameLicense.com ,please go over and check it out.  If not, here is another screen shot.


Update: I just released a new version with updated sound and graphics.  I don’t think it will change the response, but I felt like a few things were unfinished.

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