ST Action Magazine Online! (Some at least) on

ST Action Magazine Online! (Some of at least) on

Back in 1988, one of the few places to get Atari ST or Amiga imported games (or any games for that matter) were in specialty shops such as Computer Games + in  Orange County, CA (well before Marissa, Ryan, Summer and Seth fought bullies and broke up seemingly every single episode).  Monthly, Steve, Brandon Crist, and I would travel 40 miles from Manhattan Beach (or 20 miles from College in Long Beach) to find games and magazines for our beloved Atari ST machines. Steve and I would always pick up a couple games and at least one imported magazine. At first there were no ST specific game publications, so we relied on ST Format, ST User, and The Games Machine (multi-platform with  A LOT of Speccy coverage, some ST and a little Amiga) to fulfill our bathroom reading needs. Then, on one trip we found a magazine that seemingly no one remembers (except a select few) – ST Action. Never before did we have a 100 page magazine devoted to games for a single machine.

(Image Borrowed,  but not leeched, From www.Atari.ST)

For one reason or another, I binned all of those magazines and have been kicking myself ever since. I tried to buy a stock of them on EBay once, but when the seller got wind that I was in California, he balked at the shipping (I would have paid for the whole thing, but still no sale). Maybe he just hated Americans (likely), or decided that he wanted to keep them and told his wife to leave his beloved magazine stash alone (hopefully, more likely).

In any case, the closest I have been to an ST Action magazine in years was seeing the review scores for games listed on the great Little Green Desktop site. While there are internet shrines for seemingly EVERY other -ACTION magazine (Amiga, Amstrad, etc),  ST Action is almost non-existant.  But, today I visited the Atari Mania site and low and behold they have scans of reviews and hints for quite a number of games.  Here are a few of the highlights. If you are an ST fan at all, I encourage you to check out all of the Atari Mania coverage on ST games.

Breach II
Kick Off 2 (The ST game I played most, and my sole reason for trying an Emulator for the first time). Best played going UP the Pitch with a Sega Master System Joystick!
Their Finest Hour
Harley Davidson – Road to Sturgis
Team Suzuki
Prince of Persia
Metal Masters

There are mamy more reviews scans from ST Action, as well as ones from ST User and ST Format (along with quite a few from French Magazine Generation 4).

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  1. I have a folder of ST action magazines, issues 1-12 if you are interested. UK based. Anne

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