Diatribe: Writer’s Block and Video Ads

I’ve had writer’s and programmer’s block for about a week now.  I’m sorry there have not been any “interesting” blog entries coming from me since then.   To be honest, I was a bit disappointed by the reception to “…palindromes…”.  While I knew it was not a blockbuster, the Flash game field has gotten so crowded that even small, quick games have trouble getting plays.  I have been working on a game for my oldest daughter’s birthday, now a week late  (sorry doll face) and with a cool new designer on a game, (sorry Ace) but that’s behind too.

The other thing that bothers me are video ads.  That is, the video ads that Mochi plays in-front of games now.  I still like Mochi, but those ads must be worth more than the eCPM they are paying.  I mean, they are full f*cking commercials.  I watch more commercials in front of games now than I do on TV.  In fact, I don’t watch TV commercials any longer, because I just skip them on the DVR.  

If more people are like me, and only see commercials on the web, why has the money not followed?  Where is all that ad money that used to be spent on TV?   Is it still there, but being paid for an ever dwindling audience?

Anyway, I’ve got writer’s and programmer’s block. If you have any suggestions on how to get out of it, please tell me.


Steve Fulton

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