About US: Mission Update : Inform-Instruct-Inspire

Inform. Instruct. Inspire.

Yesterday Jeff and I decided we wanted to clarify why we have this web site.    Sometimes I think of  it as a Frankenstein’s monster of a concept.  It’s a blog, but not one.  It’s a community, but not really.  It has games, but it’s not game portal.  We have games and reviews (mostly retro) but we are not a gaming site.  What are we?    Here is what we have worked out.   (new on about.aspx)

What Is The Purpose Of This Web site?

8bitrocket.com is
site dedicated to the art and science, and history of Flash, web,
viral, indie, and retro game design and development. Our Mission is to
create a community, knowledge-base, and resource for developers. We
want to Inform, Instruct, and Inspire the current and next generation
of indie, web, viral, retro game developers.

When Did You Start This Site??

This site has been in existance off and on in different forms since
1995. The orginal URL was http://www.earthlink.com/~jfulton, then, in
the height of early web boom, it became Wheatmedia.com. It was once
also known as Retrohello.com. The name 8bitrocket.com sums up
everything we love, so it stuck.

Why did you start this site?

We were just kids when we started programming (at age 9) because we
wanted to explore computers. We had access an Apple IIe (and later an
Atari 800), and the necessity to program because, at the time, you
almost HAD to program to use one. Games were a quick and fun way to
make an old 8-bit computer do something cool. Today, computers are so
easy to use, that most kids do not have to learn to program to use a
computer. This has led to a populace that is computer-literate, but
mostly does not know the sheer mental thrill of creating software. We
believe that informing, inspiring and teaching the skills of game
design and game programming is one of the most effective ways to get
kids (of all ages) into the art and science of programming.

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