E3 2009 Indie Game Report #3 – Indiecade 2009

2009 Indie Game Report #3 – Indiecade 2009

One of the best things at this years’ E3 was Indiecade
2009 preview
 Indiecade is a group that puts on events to showcase and
independent games and indie game developers. It accomplishes this by
staging a series on international events in which the craft and passion
behind indie game creations can be experienced by the masses. The
masses at E3 this year were treated to some very cool games in a
relaxing lounge-like environment. It was usually pretty full of people,
but we were able to kick it for a few minutes and try out some of the
cool games on offer.

As you can tell, thus is our own crappy video, so please don’t blame
the games if we made them look like doo doo. 

Yet it Moves
(by The
Broken Rules Team
This is a very sweet looking retro 3d platformer with some new twists.
 It is set in the world of a ripped paper collage.

Credits: Christoph Binder,  Felix Bohatsch,  Jan
Hackl,  Peter Vorlaufer.

Flywrench (by
Mark Essen
one looked like a cross between Atari Adventure and a physics based
puzzler.  The soundtrack is much like a bunch of random Pokey

Credits: Mark Essen

(by Erik
unique and fun looking retro 2d platformer with a line drawing look and
feel.  It may look simple, but the music and animation are
short or mesmerizingly beautiful.

Credits: Erik Svedang

(by Glaiel Games)
another very nice looking and unique 2d platformer. This one in in
white on black with a fog of war style about it. It is based on a very
cool  Flash
but is being re-built from
the ground up in C++.

Credits: Tyler Glaiel and John Schubbe)

 The annual Indiecade awards event will occur in Culver City,
CA October.

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