Game Jacket Goes Under

Game Jacket Goes Under

I am sad to report that Game Jacket has gone under and all games will cease being hosted today. It seems they were not able to get a new round of funding and had to close their doors. Gone are the $1000 up fronts and .50 minimum CPMs.   We had a pretty good relationship with those guys and especially in the early days (last year) they had a pretty good reputation for paying on time and being honest and easy to work with.

Lately though, there were some grumblings among developers about late payments and even some non-payments.  This probably has a lot to do with their funding problems of late.

Let’s hope everyone from GJ lands on their feet, and all developers have access to the original versions of their games (back ups at least). Also, if you had a game on the system, it would be best to re-upload it a new non-GJ version to any portals still hosting it. We have a couple that will need to be replaced. (Squize, that means a new version of the space invaders clone for us if you have one).

Mochi is the obvious choice to replace the GJ ads, so hop on over and sign up if you have not already.

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