Interview With Simon From Game Jacket

A short interview with Simon from GameJacket was recently posted by FlashGameMontezation Very interesting:

Badim: 1k$ Advance – it was good or bad thing? at least in short-term(few
months-1 year)

Simon: When GameJacket first went live in
February ’08, we had no developers and no games and only a small budget
to spend on marketing our service. We evaluated the market and saw what
the competition were doing and felt that the advance might help some
devs sign with us. This was not a cash give-away. As those who
successfully applied to this scheme already know, there were strict
rules for acceptance and only games that had a very strong chance of
success were accepted – It was a payment in advance for future ad
revenues. We had only planned to run this incentive for the first few
months, but it was successful and didn’t costs us anything so we kept
it alive.

Read the rest here: FlashGameMontezation

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