New Retrogaming Times Monthly article on ST game developer Michtron


New Retrogaming Times Monthly (free online magazine) features my first Atari Playfield article on ST game developer Michtron . Richard Davey ( and was invaluable help on this article.

I have been reading this splendid on-line magazine every month for a
long time, but over the last year, Atari and especially  Atari
computer coverage has been minimal. So, I have volunteered to do a
monthly column on Atari ST and Atari 800 games. This month features the
early ST game developer, Michtron.

There are also 18 other articles in this issue, ranging from a tribute to Michael Jackson, to  a movie review of the video game inspired film, The Wizard, and all kinds of other goodies in-between for various systems and consoles.

If you would like to contribute to the magazine and see your favorite computer or video game system covered, please contact Bryan Roppolo, the current, very hard working editor of this great, free, web-only magazine. (Squize, that means you and your Amiga).

The Atari Playfield names is a tribute to the long running Atari Playfield column in the great, now defunct, Computer Gaming World Magazine.

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