A Youth Well Wasted: Lee Bradly Bogs His Youth In Video Games

UK game journalist Lee Bradly has been writing an on-going blog chronicling his youth playing video games.  His series, A Youth Well Wasted is a a fascinating story about his friendship with a kid whose dad was a Sega executive. 

As you may know, we here at 8bitrocket.com have been running a similar series named Atari Nerd Chronicles that follows our youth loving Atari.  Bradly’s story is 100% his own, but at the same, it could be called “Sega Nerd Chronicles”, and that is why it like it so much. 

Bradly paints himself as an unabashed video game fan, but his writing also gives context to the time and place in which he grew-up.  The fact that he titled his series “A Youth Well Wasted” shows that while his story revels in his joyous youth inside arcades and playing consoles, his age has brought an “emerging perspective” to his past. 
I love it.

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