8bitrocket Game Review-Cast : Nov 20, 2009. Flash Game License and Mochi Reviews

8bitrocket Game Review-Cast : Nov 20, 2009. Flash Game License and Mochi

Flash Game License Games: You must have the right access to see

Going the Distance 2

Droids 2

Tin Can Knight

Blasting Agent


Spongebob takes a shower

Pacos  Adventure 2

Space Race

Ninja +2

Notes and what not:
Steve is out of town and he normally takes care of the pod cast production/post
production. So, three different experiments are all attached to this episode.

1. I did it alone, which proves to be awkward and stiff to say the least.

2. I recruited my poor son to help me out. He is only 4 and by the 4th take
he got really bored and wanted to do something else. Poor little trooper.

3. The transfer from iMovie (for video capture) to Sony Vegas (for post
production), export to Mpeg2 and back to MOV file proved to be an all day, codec
nightmare. Nothing likes to talk to anything else. Next time it will be iMovie
to Vegas for production to wmv file and then to Youtube.  We use Vegas
because it has the absolute best feature set of all the tools we own. The only
problem is that the version I own is a few years old and only works with
Quicktime 6.

Anyway, I apologize for butchering games and names and everything else
in-between, but I tried my best anyway. I did dig through my personally created
song collection and choose a new one for the intro. I also screen-captured six
games from the Essential Flash Games book for it too.

Capturing in-game sound is still a problem with CamStudio. It might be
because BootCamp and Windows 7 don’t play as well together as I thought. Next
time I will try it with XP in Parallels.

I say 4 FGL and 3 Mochi games in the intro, but I actually have time for 4
Mochi games because my reviews are so lame and short.

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