Flash Game Developer Jens Winterstein Digs Into Our Music Loops For “Running Blue”


We just recieved this nice email from Flash Game Developer Jens Winterstein. He recently dug into our library of free music loops to use in one of his games:


Hello 8-bit rocket,

my name is Jens Winterstein, I’m an independent flashgame developer from
I was searching the net for royalty free music loops and found your nice
site 🙂
I especially like the funk-rock stuff so I decided to use one of your 11
KHZ Mono Rock Music Loops in my newest game under your free license model.

The game is an arcade platformer named “Running Blue”. You can give it a
try here: http://www.codinsoft.de/running-blue/
I used the “Funk Rock 1”-loop for the intermission screen between the

Of course I credited and linked to your site. You can see it when you
hit the “credits”-button.
I would be glad to hear from you. Thanks a million for providing this
for free 🙂

Best regards,
Jens Winterstein


It’s a really fun little platform game that Jens has created. While the action is almost pure Mario, the graphics are cute, and the technicals a very impressive.

I encourage you to go play it immediately.

By the way, we REALLY APRECIATE it when people inform us that they have used assets or tutorials we have created to make something to putback into the system“.

One of our goals with this web site is to help people actively make new things in this passive internet era, instead of simply consuming them.

If you have anything of this sort that you would like to share, be sure to contact us.

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