iPad Flash Support For Web Sites? Apples Fumbles This One Badly

So it looks like the new iPad, the one that apple claims is  the “Best Way To Surf The Web”, does not support Flash.    That  means that any full-form web site that uses Flash for ANYTHING will not work correctly.  This is not just games or animations, but all sorts of features that ubiquitous for normal web browsing:

-Flash ad rotators, and rich advertisements

-Flash audio players

-Flash  video players

-Flash site navigation (menus, menu bars,  etc).

-Flash image  manipuations apps (3D rotate, zoom, crop, etc)

-Flash product demos

-Flash mini sites

-Flash landing pages

-Flash based catalogs  and “Sunday” ads

-Flash photo viewers/manipulators

-Flash educational apps and games

-Flash games and  animations (of course)

By the way , this most likely includes all other plug-ins like Silverlight, Unity, etc..

I’m OK with my iPhone/iPod Touch not having this functionality, but not a device the purports to be a full-page “web browser”.  To support the iPad, sites will need to re-written as  straight HTML 4.0 or 5.0 + CSS/JavaScript.   Of course, Flash deve.lopers can still target  the iPhone (and by extension, the iPad) with Flash CS5, but that is just for native apps. 

Technology-wise,  Apple may have just taken the world  a year or so into the future with an  amazingly cool design.  However, for web site development and Flash (and other) plug-in support, they have taken us 10 years into the past.  You know, back when the bubble burst.

(last paragraph edited @2:02 Pacific Time by ickydime’s clarification request)

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