Apple/Adobe/HTML 5 Saga: Who Is Big Brother Now?

Apple/Adobe/HTML 5 Saga: Who Is Big Brother Now?

Well, I never expected to be writing about HTML5 years before it will be finished, but the whole iPad/No Flash support saga has me up at night wondering if we need to move sooner than later.

First off, far from Apple relenting on Flash, Steve Jobs called Adobe “lazy” yesterday because they won’t fix some (alleged) bugs in Flash.

At the same time, these guys over at Freeciv has done some rendering tests between different browsers and the HTML 5. The FPS seems pretty low, which is what we saw when we looked at the HTML 5 NES emulator a few days ago. Still, the HTML 5 Canvas seems to be gaining steam as Flash has taken a beating in the press in the past few days.

In our view, the iPad appears to be a (new) feature-free, broken system without support for multiple plug-ins. It’s a closed, totalitarian universe. Wow, have things changed at Apple in the past 25 years. Remember this commercial?

Who is big brother now?

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