I Just Want To Say This: I Love Flash!

I’ve been spending the last year or so looking and/or forced to develop in other technologies thatare not Flash.  I’ve seen Python, Google App Engine, Silverlight, HTML 5, PHP, Drupal, Joomla, C#, Coco, Android Java, and even Unity.  While all of these technologies have their, there is one thing they are not:


There is a reason why Flash saved the internet in 2001.  It’s ubiquitous, cross-browser compatible, and 99% of the time, just works.  It allows designers to be designers, and with AS3/Flex, allows programmers to be programmers.  

I played with HTML for many years before I discovered Flash.  Programmed in C/C++ for many years before I found Flash.  Flash is the best of those worlds and more.   I read a lot of technosnobs who do not like Flash.  To bad.   Flash saved the web by making it accessible to marketing (where the money is), designers, and by making it interactive and enjoyable to everyone who uses it. 

Anyway, I love Flash.  That’s all I have to say.

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