World’s Worst Jigsaw Puzzle Collection Launches

Today we announce the launch of a set of 20 games that took us less than 40 hours to complete:

The World’s Worst Jigsaw Puzzle Collection

We have noticed that many developers create very simple jigsaw puzzles and launch them with Mochi ads. While this is a legitimate way to make some pennies, we’ve also noticed that, more often than not, these developers use (allegedly) stolen images from major corporations (i.e Disney, Nickelodeon, etc.). It’s difficult to compete with that kind of I.P., even if it is not legitimate. Mochi does not remove games with I.P. concerns unless they get a complaint about them. they have to do this because they cannot know the legal situation of every game or piece of art in their system.

Since there is no way we could make “good” puzzles to compete with this, we decided to make “bad” puzzles. In fact, we decided to base our puzzles on some of the worst, most mundane, and boring subjects we could imagine. We came up with 20 different topics, and each one became a different game. Here they are:

#1: Some of the dirty dishes I had to do last night.

#2: Shades Of My Favorite Color
(it’s a surprise!)

#3: Cotton Ball Sculptures

#4: Old Computer Stuff that needs to be recycled
(from my garage)

#5: Out-of-focus landscape photos
(I have a new camera now)

#6: Holiday photos taken by a drunk guy
(that can be the only explanation)

#7: Random Spam email I received today
(real spam)

#8: Some things the people that used to live here left behind
(people don’t take everything when they move out)

#9: Gorgeous flowers reduced to a 4-bit color palette
(very 16-bit computer)

#10: Random messes that need to be cleaned-up
(they have since been cleaned up)

#11: Lego spaceships shot by an amateur

#12: Drains

#13: Messes the cat made.
(she’s 15 years old)

#14: Some scintillating white-label promo album sleeves
(get it? they don’t have album covers. I apologize)

#15: Inappropriate uses for caution tape
(this one should be funnier than it turned out. It’s bad though, which was the goal)

#16: Haiku written about Atari 2600 games
(does this need any explaining?)

#17: Public Domain drawings of 19th century Parisian footwear.
(This is for a public domain library. This was my one attempt to use some freely available images. There were all sorts of buildings, tools, etc. I chose these. )

#18: Screen shots for our least popular games
(I could have put scattershots of ALL our games in this one)

#19: Pretentious black and white landscape photos rotated 90 or 180 degrees
(from that same camera)

#20: Photos from a blue whale sight-seeing trip where we saw blue whales (but not in these photos)
(I do have photos of the blue whales, but those are for me)

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