Flash Gaming Summit Report #1: The Longest Day

Flash Gaming Summit
(edit:  I was so tired I smiised that the title for this story was “Flah Gaming Summit:” for the past 7 hours.  Duh!)

We just returned from our day in at the UCSF Mission Bay conference Center attending The Flash Gaming Summit 2010.

I left my house at 4:00 A.M. this morning, picked up my brother, drove the airport, parked in the $30 maximum a day lot, received my boarding passes, got scanned my airport security, boarded the plane, flew for 1:30 minutes, disembarked, caught a taxi, rode to UCSF, waited in line for a badge, got my free t-shirt and bag, ate the free breakfast, listened to a key-note by Jameson Hsu, attended 3 more successive panel discussions, ate lunch, got a free Zynga t0shirt (I’m not sure why) attended 4 more panel discussions, rode a bus to after party, had a beer, walked through downtown SF looking for a restaurant, ate at CPK, fooled the Westin concierge that I was guest so she would call taxi, rode in taxi with foul-mouthed driver named Sam to the airport, got scanned by airport security a second time, changed my flight so that I would not be stuck until 10:45 on delayed flight, boarded the plane, flew back home for 1:30, got in my car, paid $30, dropped my brother off at his house, and drove and returned home at 11:00 PM.

This does not include the two dozen or so scintillating discussions I had with fellow Flash developers I met for the first time (who I will describe in later entry).

I have to honestly say, that I did not expect much from this conference.  I’ve been to dozens of these things in the past, and mostly they turn out to be a let-down.  However, that was not the case today.  Besides a couple rather lethargic panel discussions  (one with some of the “leaders” in the social/Facebook game industry, and another with Adobe) the rest of the day was both thrilling and rewarding.   The most amazing part was meeting people who are just like us, all working towards a common goal.  It was a feeling I will not soon forget.

Anyway, more later.


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