Mochi Game Developer fund Chronicles #1: Signing Up!

The Mochi Game Developer Fund (A $10,000,000 fund to help game developers implement Mochi services and make games that will conquer the world) went live this week.  

We are going to start Chronicling our experiences with this new opportunity for indie game developers.  The story might be short-lived (if we are rejected), or endure (if not), but no matter, it’s a very interesting development in the Flash game world that needs to be covered.

Signing-up was a  bit odd.  The link above led to what looked like an “Email List” sign-up form.   After signing-up, we were sent an email that we thought would have a link to “confirm” our sign-up, but instead it was just an embedded graphic (see above) with the contact info for Justin Wong (the guy who is running the fund).

Instead of being thwarted, we crafted an email to Justin with the following:

1. Links to this web site.
2. A link to the “Demo Reel” on
3. Description of three games that might work well using Mochi services
4. Some more supporting material about our work.

We received an email from Justin later on Friday saying that they would be “reviewing that they received next week”.    Not encouraging or discouraging.  Just there.  Kind of like the story of up until now.

We’ll see what happens…

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