Mochi Game Development Fund #4: First Contact, And Some Initial Advice

So, any illusions that we had about Mochi indiscriminately and freely distributing cash from the Mochi Game Developers Fund were crushed yesterday when Justin Wong responded to our ideas with a audible “thud”.   It was not an outright rejection mind-you, but a request for more information and some more expanded prototypes.  It was encouraging, but just not the fantasy “lottery win” that I secretly hoped for.  While I can’t really describe the ideas we submitted to them, I do have some advice to share from our initial contact.

1. Limited Your Ideas: Instead of submitting a bunch of ideas, work on one good one that can cover all the “Social” bases Mochi might want covered.

2. You May Need More Than Just a Proposal: Submit a project that is beyond the initial R&D stages, and closer to a prototype stage.  Something working in Flash that shows the core game play might be the minimum they will accept.

3. Choose A Graphic Style: It appears that they would like to have some idea of the final graphical design for the project.  Anything you can submit that will show them what your graphical direction will be is probably very helpful.

4. Bigger Might Be Better: Think big and long form.  99% of the games in the current Mochi are probably not appropriate for this fund.   A regular viral Flash game with Mochi Social elements added after-the-fact is probably not what they are looking for.  RPGs, long-form strategy games, builders, etc. appear to be appropriate.  It is possible they are looking for a “Farmville”, but I hope that is not the case.

5. Widen The Audience: Think outside the “audience” box.  Some of the responses we received from Mochi seemed to point to them trying to “expand” far beyond the general audience for viral Flash games (i.e. not just teenage boys & zombies).

Keep in mind that this advice comes from someone who does not
have a hugely successful track record with Mochi Services.  We’ve had a
couple small bright spots, but nothing that would bowl anyone over. 
All of this would probably change if you could show Mochi some amazing
past successes that could almost guarantee that their investment would
pay off.  If that is you, I’m not ever sure why you are reading this.

We have several ideas brewing that fit (or are close to fitting) these guidelines.  Our job now is to pick one, and work it through so there is something to show.   The good news is this: the process is not unlike what we already had planned.  It’s just that now we have another possible avenue to explore when we are ready.   Not exactly what I had hoped for, but beggars can’t be choosers.

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