Using the Essential Flash Games Framework Hint #2: Mochi Ads and the IDE

In Chapter 12 we explore adding Mochi ads to the Essential Flash Games framework.  In the IDE I have found a slight problem that has been fixed in the new code download, but it is an easy fix for you to make yourself.

The Tunnel Panic game fla in chapter 12 (TunnelPanic.fla) works fine in the IDE when exported with the “Access Local Files Only” setting selected in the Publish Settings >Flash >Local Playback Security option. But the ads don’t show and the game never starts with this setting when you attempt to play the SWF outside the IDE (in a browser or with the various debug players).

This is easily fixed by changing the setting to “Access Network Only” and re-publishing.

I have not seen this problem before and the FlexSDK version is unaffected .  It might only be a problem with the debug players, but to be safe, change this setting before publishing or exporting this .fla in the Flash IDE.

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