Spectacularly Nerdy 8bitrocket Computer Desk Circa 1992

My sister just found this photo.  It’s Spectacularly nerdy.  It’s a photo of me (Steve) sitting at the “8bitrocket.com” computer desk (the desk Jeff and I shared in the bedroom we shared until we graduated from college).   I think the photo speaks for itself:


Above you will notice the following:

  • The computer is a $1500 386-DX 40,  4 meg ram 40 MB hard drive.  It includes a single sped CD rom drive we bought extra for $500.  Living at home but having part-time jobs certainly had its perks. (nerds!)
  • I’m playing either Tristan Pinball or Epic Pinball on the computer.
  • I believe that is a Sega Genesis playing on the TV

For comparision, here is photo of the “8bitrocket.com” computer station circa 1984 when it included an Atari 800:


And here is one as it exists today (the one at my house, Jeff has his own):


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