Flash And Flex Developer Magazine Gives “The Essential Guide To Flash Games” a Gobsmackingly Great Review!!

The current issue of Flash and Flex Developer Magazine (free download) has two articles about “The Essential Guide To Flash Games” book.  The first is part one of “Creating An AS3 Game Framework” which is Chapter 2 of our book.   It will be continued in the next issue.  The second article is a review of the book.  We are really speechless about how great the review reads. 

I’m not even sure if it is legal for me to do this, but I’m posting the review below. I need to do it for posterity.  I never thought something we made would get a such a good magazine review.

However, PLEASE go download the magazine (again, it’s a free virtual magazine) and read our article on Creating an AS3 Game Framework (and all the other great articles), then patronize all their sponsors.  Thanks!


Why not buy the book now?

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