Retro Scan: Original Atari ST Action Interview with Jeff Minter (1988)

Retro Scan: Original Atari ST Action Interview with Jeff Minter (1988)

A couple weeks ago I was hunting around in Steve’s garage and found the May 1988 issue of ST Action magazine. I scanned in the review of Dungeon Master in that issue and put it on the site. This issue also contains a great 5 page interview with 80’s UK game design icon, Jeff Minter.


The interview was done by David Stewart, a regular contributor to the magazine. I tried to look up David to ask permission to re-print the interview but I met many dead ends on my search. I have heard that there are magazine preservation sites that have been given permission to re-print ST Action articles, but I had no luck in obtaining such permission.

In any case, I have scanned in the 5 pages and they for your reading pleasure. If you own the rights to these are want to taken down please email me at info[at]8bitrocket[dot]com and I will do so. If so own the rights to this interview and have it displayed on the web elsewhere I will delete mine and link to your version. I searched high and low and could not find this article on the info-baun and thought it would be a good read for those interested in games, retro games, llamas, Wales, or psychedelic color/music generators…but especially llamas and camels.






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