Would A Basic Book on HTML 5 Canvas Games Interest You?

While we are in early talks with some publishers about a book on building games the HTML 5 Canvas, I’d like to know: Would this interest you? 

Unlike “The Essential Guide To Flash Games”, this book would take a more ground-up approach, and include all the information you need to get started building games and apps for the HTML 5 Canvas.  It might even include breakout boxes that say “For Flash developers, this on the Canvas is this in Flash”. 

The focus would be a lot of runnable examples, with some new games.  It would be beginner level, but still include a few advanced game concepts.

Why do this?  Well, even though Google and Android are posed to help push Flash, we still believe that developers are going to be asked to explore the Canvas.  This will be pushed by either by overzealous producers or reps at design firms, or by internal managers wanting to have developers explore what can be done with it…or just by curiosity to know how it works.

Since we respect JavaScript and use it, but are not steeped in the “cult of JavaScript”, we think we can bring a real-world approach to the subject that come from hard fought battles with with techno-snobs and early adopters alike.

What do you think?
What you like to see included?

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