Yes, We Still Work On Flash Games: Introducing Zombie Alien Zero Flak Defender!


With all of this talk of HTML 5, I wanted to show some on-going progress on an AS3 game that I’m working on. Yes, it is an iteration on one of the games from The Essential Guide To Flash Games, and yes it will be used to promote the book, but it’s still a new idea and game that I’m trying to finish. Most of this game is complete, but the leveling and difficulty still needs a lot of tweaking. 

This game includes the first version of a new particle system that we are going to add to the Essential Guide To Flash Games framework. Right now it’s in a very basic form.

Anyway, here are some screen shots.  Again, this is very much still a work-in-progress, I just didn’t want anyone to think that we had forgotten our roots.





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