The Day The Soccer Peaked: Landon Donovan Penatly Kick Goal Vs. Ghana 2010 World Cup

This video I took at the Arcata Theater in Arcata CA, the home of
Humbolt State. It’s a small town in Northern, CA. We were on vacation ,
and this theater was showing the USA vs. Ghana game. There were about
300 people there. Arcata is about 250 miles north of San Francisco, and it is adjacent to the Redwoods National Park/Klamath river valley…which has been named one of the “wildest” and most untamed natural areas in the lower 48 states. (read: it’s in the middle of no where)

By contrast almost exactly 25 years ago, I watched a
USA vs. Trinidad/Tabago World Cup Qualifier in person at El Camino
College in Los Angeles California, where there were only 300 USA fans in the entire
stadium. Times certainly have changed!  Just a few years ago, you would have been able to gather more than 3 people in a room to watch a USA soccer game (my brother, my dad, and I).

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