What ever happened to Steve Moraff?

His name might not spark wild-eyed fascination with many retro gaming enthusiasts, but Steve Moraff was a little bit of a legend in his own time. When we first got a PC (non-Atari machine) in the early 1990’s, we jumped on the early CD-Rom craze.  The best use of CDs at that time was for “shovel-ware” compilations of share-ware games. One developer out-shined all but Apogee and Id. The developer’s name  was Moraffware.  Started by Steve Moraff  in the mid-80’s, Moraffware would pioneer shareware and especially the shareware  RPG genre on DOS machines.

As we plunged into the the various piles of shareware games we found on the shovel-ware cds, Steve Moraff’s name kept surfacing on some very nice titles. He was one of the first developers anywhere to use SVGA graphics so his titles were always colorful and unique to play.

Moraff’s Revenge was one of the first 3D RPGs on the PC Dos platform. These early PCs didn’t have the raw speed on an Atari ST or Amiga, but Steve made some great games given the limitations of the hardware.

I remember some other various Moraff games such as a beautiful Arkanoid clone and probably the best Mahjongg game of its’ time.  It seems that Steve has shifted his focus to Mahjongg almost entirely. His current site focuses of on this game type, but also has pages (and the ability to purchase) his classic RPG games:

Moraff’s World

Moraff’s revenge

and probably his best game,

Moraff’s Dungeons of the Unforgiven

There is also a World Of Games link on his site that lists some of the other  classic and relatively recent games he has created.

It looks like Steve is doing well. I would certainly like to see some of his classic RPGs re-made for today’s machines, but with DosBox or Boxster, the originals can still be enjoyed today.

(8bitjeff is Jeff D. Fulton)


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