Atari Haunted House – Wii Contest Winner

We’d like to congratulate Syd Lexia for his winning entry in our “Wii Atari Haunted House  Contest”.  We asked readers to describe an Atari 2600 game that they wouls like to see remade in the 21st century by Atari.  Here is Syd’s Idea:

Syd Lexia :Without a doubt, Swordquest 2011, with all four of the Atari 2600 cartridges being combined into either one disc or 4 separate pieces of DLC.

Not only was Swordquest overly ambitious for its time, but it was never finished. So not only would this be an upgrade, but it would finally give old school gamers a chance to play the Airworld section.

We agree.  Finishing something the original Atari started but never finished would be awesome.

Syd, please email us @ to claim your prize.

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