What Can Be Made In 16K? Atari 5200 16K ROM Games

Here is some 16K inspirations for you.  The following are videos of some Atari 5200 games made in 16K or less.  The ROMs for these games fit on a 16K cart.  the games used the plethora of hardware features available for the Atari 8-bit line of computers (hardware sprites, 4-voice audio, display lists, etc.)  They are akin to the types of features you would find in a Flash, Silverlight, etc. player.   This should give you some idea of what the game programmers from the 80’s were able to squeeze into 16K while using the resources of the platform available to them.




Buck Rogers

Space Dungeon


Pole Position



Congo Bongo

Real Sports Tennis

K-Razy Shoot Out

Star Wars Arcade

ET Phone Home

This is not the 2600 game, it is the little-known version released for the 8-bit Atari computers.  It’s fairly elaborate adventure game that gets little notice, but was pretty good for the time.

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