16K Axe Quest

16K Atari Inspired Retro-Remake Contest Entry:

Game Name: Axe Quest (Play It)

Game Inspiration: Golden Axe (Atari ST)

(click screen shot to play)

(click screen shot to play)

Author: Ace the Super Villain

What Ace Has to say about his game:

“AxeQuest is mostly based on Golden Axe, but I liked the idea of
SwordQuest’s multiple worlds (earth, fire, water, etc). The original plan
was to swap out the graphics and enemy groups and enter a new 16KB game for
Earth, Fire and Water, but Fire Zone was 16.6 KB so I gave up on the idea
(you can find it on NewGrounds though). I’ve always been annoyed because
there were plenty of shooting but no face busting games from the olde
dayes, so part of this project was to prove that they wouldn’t have been
all that hard to make back then. “

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