Play the 8bitrocket 16K Atari Retro-Remake Entries

16k Contest
16k Contest

The deadline has passed for entering a game into the 8bitrocket Atari Inspired Retro-Remake contest. We have received a number of high-quality entries.

You can play each at the links below. Voting will start later in the week and run through the end of the year.

Here are the games in alphabetical order:

16K Lander

Axe Quest

BattleWire 16K


The Diabolical Dungeons of Dr. Devil

Fate of the Universe


Must Destroy Your Heart


Thanks to all of our entrants for their hard work. It is truly inspiring. As a reminder, the game that is voted the winner will receive the below prize package. Also, the second place winner will receive a copy of our book, The Essential Guide To Flash Games.  Thanks to all of the below sponsors for helping to put together the prize package.

The winner will be selected based by 1/3 community voting, 1/3 by Jeff Fulton, and 1/3 by Steve Fulton. We will also be posting complete reviews of each game after the contest is complete.  Again, the voting will begin later this week and run through the end of the year.

The winning prize package:

1. Atari’ Greatest Hits: Volume 1 for the Nintendo DS

3. The Icarus Kid CD – retro inspired music by the master himself!

3.  A physical copy of our book,  The Essential Guide To Flash Games

4. Clint Herron has graciously offered a license for his Platformer Starter Kit as an additional prize for the contest:

Clint’s product is a full featured development kit for use with the Push-Button Engine. You can see a demo that includes many different examples of the games that can be produced using the kit here:

5. Richard Davey and his wonderful new game, Cat Astro Phi have become an official sponsor of the contest. Richard has graciously added a copy of the masterpiece soundtrack to this game to the prize package.

6. A Snap! Classic Arcades PC game CD collection including: a copy of Atari Warlords for the PC , a copy of Atari Millipede for the PC , a copy of Atari Crystal Castles for the PC , a copy of Atari Combat! (90’s remake from Hasbro).

7. The immeasurable prestige and honor of winning the first 16K Retro Game Remake Contest.

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