What Now? Random Answers.

Yes, we do want to hear from you, contact us.

No, we don’t want to display your gambling ads.

Yes, Flash is still a viable platform.

No, we do not need your masterful SEO skills sent via email offer.

Yes, it is cool being a twin.

No, we never switched places.

Yes, we do sometimes have the same opinion at about the same time.

No, we cannot feel each other’s pain.

Yes, we are willing to license you a game engine.

No, payment in gold bullion is fine.

Yes, Android, iPhone/iPad and HTML 5 and viral Flash are on our minds.

No, JavaFX is probably not going any place.

Yes, Silverlight is cool.  Wait for it to work with XNA/Live Arcade

No, writing books is not really worth the money.

Yes, writing books is worth the effort.

No, we don’t plan to write another one.

Yes, tech review is still a bitch.

No, we will probably not do another contest.

Yes, we’d love to see/review your game anyway.

No, we still consider ourselves retro devolved

Yes, indie games will rule the Earth.

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