8bitrocket.com Joins Up with Oracle-Retro!

The denizens of 8bitrocket.com have  “beat around the virtual bush” for many weeks about the new “large company” they are working for, and today is the day they can reveal the name: Oracle!  Yes, the world’s largest database company is starting a retro-evolved games division, and 8bitrocket.com are joining-up!

8bitsteve from 8bitrocket.com said  “Most huge online games today are really just giant databases anyway, so we thought ‘let’s go whole hog!’.  Imagine the source code for Oracle 6, a retro product in and of itself,  turned into a series of retro inspired games using a set of propriety, randomized game generation tools.  The possibilities are limitless!”

8bitjeff continued “Imagine if Jeff Minter had written Visicalc or Zoomracks and you are just starting to understand what we are talking about.  When we started experimenting with a combination of blitting, particle effects and SQL queries with outer-joins, we were amazed by the results!”

“…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg” 8bitsteve interjected. “Think of all that code that is just laying around in Oracle vaults that can be turned into amazing retro-evolved games using our new tools.  I mean, we’ve got access to gigabytes worth of Sybase code that hasn’t been touched in years!   I think Oracle is about to revolutionize retro gaming, and we are proud to be part of it.”

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