HTML5 Canvas Book Spotted in the Wild Plus Chart Positions (#1 in Game Programming)

HTML5 CanvasIts always fun to discover the first sighting of something you have created, “In The Wild”.  Just about every Friday night I take a trip over to the local Barnes and Noble to look for the latest Retro Gamer or Wired. Today was a double success because aside from the latest Retro Gamer,  I found two copies of our HTML5 Canvas development book freshly tucked in-between the other various HTML5 and and assorted web-related books.

On to the chart positions. We thought it might be fun to chart the progress of the book on the Amazon charts. It has steadily crept up the technical book charts over the last couple weeks where it now sits comfortably #1 in the Game Programming book section and is the #6313 book overall. (it was just under 20,000 a week ago). It is also #12 overall in programming books and #52 in languages and tools.

  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #6,313 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)







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