8bitrocket Reunion 2011! The original lost 1/3 of 8bitrocket Returns For One Night Only

A couple weeks back Eric Barth (center), the original “lost” 1/3 of 8bitrocket, returned to his origins by visiting Jeff and I back in California. Eric is a Professor Of Engineering at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Instead of building games, he builds all kind of robots and devices that use alternative inputs for control (i.e. motion sensing).  We had not seen each other in 23 years.  Back in the day (1979) , Jeff and Eric and I used to create all sorts of cool programs on Eric’s Apple IIe computer.
One of our favorite things to do, when we first started to program, was to create ASCII rockets in BASIC that would print out and “launch” up the screen when  a the program was executed.  These rockets (an example in Flash is on this page) were our first inspiration to start programming computers.   This site, and our whole ideal  and aesthetic were born out of these boyhood hacks and experimentation.  In fact, the name “8-Bit Rocket” comes from these exact “rocket”  programs.  It was great to finally see our friend from so long ago again, and catch-up.

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