8bitrocket teams up with Producto Studios

8bitrocket has teamed up with Producto Studios to create a single, super-charged, one-stop-shop for everything cool, interactive, and fun. When we combined the retro / indie gaming sensibilities of 8bitrocket  with the design genius of Producto, we created a partnership of epic gaming and graphic design proportions.

Check out the Producto Studios YouTube Channel.

This partnership will allow us to create a single, unified studio that will specialize in creating custom branded experiences that leverage  the optimized Flash, HTML5, and mobile game / application engines  of 8bitrocket with the design, motion graphics, and cartooning brilliance of Producto. Each studio brings over 16 years of experience in the digital realm and a passion for games, cartoons, and interactive entertainment.

In the past year, 8bitrocket and Producto have informally  teamed up to work on games and interactive entertainment  for Kraft, the NFL, Bratz, BFC Ink, Arkadin, and more. We have had so much fun and success, we are now formally creating a new unified team under the Producto Studios title. 8bitrocket.com will continue to provide news, games, tutorials,  cover indie gaming, web gaming, technology, and much more while ProductoStudios.com will become the official, commercial arm for both studios.

For more information, check out the Consulting Page here on 8bitrocket.com or just jump straight over to ProductoStudios.com.

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