Update: Atari is *not necessarily* Targeting Hobbyists

Yesterday we posted a story about Atari targeting a German maker of 8-bit software, and the owner of atari2600.com.    The atari2600.com complaint was real, and the owner of the site has relinquished his rights to the name.

However, the it looks like the comlaint against the German aoftware maker was a mistake by Atari. Curt Vendel on the AtariAge.com forums asked the author to clear-it-up, and since we posted it, we will too.  Here are Curt’s words to the German software author:

Its my understanding that you have been contacted back by Atari and they have apologized for the misunderstanding. It would be good for you to share that with everyone so that people see that this situation is sorting itself out in regards to the misperception that Atari was going after hobbyist authors and their games at least.”

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