Mid-Core Update: Wikipedia, And A Mid-Core Life, 8bitrocket.com Update


Just when we thought we had put a cap on the whole Mid-Core thing, we’ve had two interesting developments in that area in the past week.  First, back in 2008 there was a group of loyal readers who made an attempt to get the term “Mid-core” added to Wikipedia.  They were not successful, and we did not pursue it our selves because our self-loathing tendencies.   However, I just noticed today that the term has actually made it onto Wikipedia. Sure, we are not credited anywhere (an article about us from Joystiq *is* credited though).  So there you go.  three years later, and the little thing does have some legs.

A Mid-Core Life

More importantly though, is a new blog named A Mid-Core Life written by  Erick Vallejos for the Belmont Shore-Naples Patch.   Erick contacted us asking permission to use the name, and we happily agreed to let him use it.  He even credits us throughout his first entry.   Good luck Erick.  We’ll be checking back periodically to see how your Mid-Core life is going.

8bitrocket.com Update

And if you are interested out Mid-Core lives  here at 8bitrocket.com are pretty rocky right now.  However, we’re trying to get everything back on track.  Our goal is to reach 1500 stories by the end of the year, which means we will need to work triple or quradruple time to make our goal.   However, there is just so much going on right now in Flash, Mobile, Social, HTML5 and video games right now, it’s really not a matter of content, just the time to write the stories and create our editorials.

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