On to…Electrotank

8bitsteve here.

So I’ve just finished a stint at the company “that shall not be named” after an experience that I can only describe with the words “no comment“.  After a week of trying to figure out my next move, some friends from the gaming technology company Electrotank have asked me to jump on board to help them with some new projects.  If you don’t known Electrotank, are the  creators of one of the first, and still the best, socket servers for  multi-player games and applications named ES5.  Once it was only for Flash, but now there are apis for iOS, Unity, Java, XNA and HTML5.   My first task for Electrotank is to work on their HTML5/JavaScript api for ES5/JavaScript.   My other task is to learn EUP, Eelctrotank’s add-on to ES5 for creating MMOs. social games, and virtual worlds, and help manage some of those projects.

I have to say, that so far my experience at Electrotank has been fantastic.   The technology is exciting, the projects are very interesting, and the people are great.    I feel like I have come “home” again after my experience at the company “that shall not be named.” I have to be cautious these days about first impressions, but so far, so good.

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