Literally, there would be no 8bitrocket without Steve Jobs

8bitSteve ,  Eric Barth, and I   literally created our first “8bitrockets” by programming long basic programs on Eric’s Apple IIe. The programs used the Print statement and ASCII character set to slowly scroll our Star Wars inspired creations on the Apple  green screen monitor.   Sitting around in our OP shorts and two-toned Vans shoes, we did this to teach ourselves BASIC and learn about the awesome Jobs/Woz creation…and because it was just bitchen’ to do.

Rest in Peace  Steve.  First you were a revolutionary. NeXT (sic) you were way ahead of everyone else. Then, when we all caught on to your genius, you quickly conquered more industries than anyone in modern history with elegant design and brilliant technology.

You won, and so we all did too.


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