Adobe Drops Mobile Browser Flash Support : Are You Ready To Stop Thinking We Are Crazy And Learn About The HTML5 Canvas ?

So, we’ve heard “through the grapevine” that many of our old readers and Flash Game colleagues were pretty skeptical about our choice to tackle the HTML5 Canvas.  Jeff and I have always tried to  figure out new trends early, and most of the time we are Too Early (i.e we made crappy videos 15 years before, we created Flash games 7 years before it became a viable indie game option, etc.)  However, we were hoping to hit the HTML5 Canvas nail on the head and I think, this time, our timing was just about right.  Our HTML5 Canvas book has already sold so many copies, that we have been asked to write another one.

Today Adobe announced that they were ending development of Flash for mobile devices and in fact, are getting behind HTML5 for the web, and the Air exporter for apps.  Now, this does not mean Flash is dead, but it does mean Flash is becoming a cross-platform development tool  much like Shockwave/Director, and it also means that web developers who want to target web sites to all devices will need to start thinking in terms of HTML5.

We’ve already made it easy for you to get started with HTML5 Canvas, and we are doing more.  Look here for more info and tutorials about  the HTML5 Canvas.  As well, we will be presenting a seminar on the HTML5 Canvas at DevCon San Jose in December (more on that when we get the final information).

Was our timing right this time? Only time will tell.


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