Cerebral Fix CEO Ben Dellaca Says They Just “Discovered” Mid-Core Gaming. We Beg To Differ.

In an article at games.blog.com  Cerebral Fix CEO Ben Dellaca says they just discovered “Mid-core Gaming”:

Is Zynga dominating social games on Facebook so much, that it’s, in a way, killing it? 

I go to all of the conferences and I’m forever seeing developers who are actually looking at the likes of Zynga and going, “Let’s do that!” Which I think is crazy… Pick something you’re really great at, start there and really polish that up. A lot of game companies moving into, and getting their butts kicked, in the social space are better off, in my opinion, doing something that’s a little more core. We’ve just figured this out recently and have a new buzzword called ‘Mid-core’ gaming.

I hope he doesn’t mean they “invented it”.  If so, we humbly beg    to    differ.

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