8bitrocket Blows The Roof Off DevCon5! :)

Well, maybe the roof stayed on, but our presentations were a quite bit more successful than we imagined.  We’ve received tons of feedback, and it’s all been great.  Maybe we should do this kind thing more often…

We met some awesome people and had a great time spending some book  royalties on a fine dinner and breakfast.  Also, we each “won” a new Blackberry Playbook for demonstrating and HTML5 app running on  the device.  It was such a great experience that we believe this one single day went a long way to repair all of the mental damage that the rest of 2011 dumped on top of us.

Here are  couple quotes that the conference coordinators (Bonnie and Carl) send over to us from people who attended:

DevCon5: New Tweets / Responses about their experience:


We also met with a slew of really cool, people ,some of which emailed us after, some of whom gave us their cards, took ours and the discount cards for the book.

Rick from tothepointdesignstudio.com
Nader from  omegamobile.com
Eric from Ubiquitous Entertainment
Robert from Web Mobi
Shannon from Intel (who was really interested in our Barbie and Mattel stories)
Bill Turner

…and so many more genuinely nice people who took our cards and had such mice things to say.

Thanks to to Bonnie Kravis and Carl Ford for inviting us and for their amazing hospitality .  Also, special thanks to Steve’s wife Dawn, who suggested we participate, worked hard to motivate Steve to go, and acted as a our top negotiator with Bonnie and Carl.

Below are some images of a just a few of the HTML5 demos we discussed:

Atari 2600 Game Match 3




Atari 2600 Fireworks Show



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