My Interview With Johnny Wilson (CGW) Live on

A few months back I got the urge to catch-up with Johnny Wilson, the long-time editor of Computer Gaming World.  I do this from time-to-time.  I get nostalgic about old games or magazines, and then attempt to look-up some of the personalities and get them to speak on record about their time in the spotlight.

I had never met Mr. Wilson before, but I’ve read his book (High Score), and I was a fan of his work for many years.   It seems that so many of the original thought-leaders in the video and computer game world have moved away, and I wanted to know why Wilson himself had “gone underground” and moved away from industry.

The interview presented at is only about 1/2 of interview I conducted with Wilson.   In a few weeks I’ll post the entire thing.  It’s a very enlightening look into the field of computer games and computer game journalism from one of the pioneers in the field.

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