Where is the Point Blank Remake?

(Jeff Fulton)

Point Blank and Point Blank 2 were 2 of the best party style games for the original Playstation. You needed a “gun controller” that oddly hooked up to the video “in” on your TV and to the controller port to make it work. I have both still on an old PSX, but the game will not function because LCD/Plasma TVs don’t work the same as the old tube TVs so the video “in” for the extra gun data is useless.

The games were very successful and were both in the arcade. I remember playing these a lot friends in 1997-2000 and they were an absolute “blast” (pun intended of course).

The games would have been perfect on  the Wii, but now that every console has the some sort of mechanism to simulate a gun controller, they could be wireless wonders on all three major consoles. So, why have they never been remade?

There was a DS version, but that game makes no sense.  So, Namco, what gives?



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